New York University Introduces Comprehensive ICD 10 Coding Induction Program

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Realizing the huge demand for ICD 10 Coding induction, the New York University has launched a certificate program in Medical Coding. A spokesperson reported that the induction program is provided through School of Continuing and Professional Studies of New York University (NYU-SCPS). Through the program, the university intends to prepare the professionals in the healthcare industry to be ready to make a smooth transition from ICD 9 coding to ICD 10 coding which is going to be mandatory from 2015.

Healthcare Organizations Concerned about the Mandatory Compliance of ICD 10 Coding

The World Health Organization’s mandate to ensure compliance of the coding system ICD 10 by 2015 has created anxiety among healthcare providers across the world. Many are worried about preparing their employees to handle the new coding system. Many a number of large scale health providers in the country have already adopted the new coding system and have inducted their employees in handling it. However, for small healthcare providers, a total transition from the old coding system to the new one is beyond realization yet. Although many universities are providing ICD 10 induction programs, they are either costlier or conducted on regular basis that most employees working in healthcare organizations at present are unable to attend.

According to the New York University, the program offered by it is affordable and conducted according to the convenience of students. Reports have it that NYU-SCPS’s Certificate program in Medical Coding is the first such program to be offered by a reputed university in the world. The program will not only focus at inducting the trainees in getting familiar with the new coding system but also prepares them to tackle all the issues that might arise during the usage of the new coding system.

NYU Highlights the Need of Attending a Certification Program in ICD 10 Coding

For many professionals in the healthcare industry, attending a Certification program in the new medical coding system sounds rather unnecessary. But the New York University states that attending a certification program is necessary to master the new coding system as it is totally different from all the older coding systems. The certification program will mould the trainees to attain the minimum professional standard in using the new coding system.

Following the footsteps of New York University, a number of other universities have started talks in their respective management levels to introduce similar programs. The entire healthcare industry should gather enthusiasm to make the best use of these programs.

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