The Significance Of ICD-10 Orientation Programs

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ICD (International Classification of Diseases) is a set of codes used to indicate diseases. From time to time, ICD is revised under the guidance of World Health Organizations. ICD-10 is the presently used revision.

About ICD-10

The 10th revision of ICD was published on 16th January 2009. However, the World Health Organization made the compliance of ICD-10 mandatory from 1st October 2013. As per the latest regulations from the Department of Health and Human Services, it is mandatory for all health care organizations, health insurance firms and other service providers to comply with HIAPP standards that have adopted ICD 10 PCS and ICD 10 CM as default medical code sets.

ICD-10 Compliance - A Federal Mandate

In America, the compliance of ICD-10 is a federal mandate because it touches upon all clearinghouses, electronic transaction vendors and health plans. The government has issued instructions to all health care organizations in the country about the significance of complying with the latest coding systems used in ICD-10. It also speaks about ICD 10 training in orienting staffs at health care institutions while using the new coding systems of the latest classification chart.

ICD 10 Training

Although it is almost a year since World Health Organization and HIPAA made the compliance of ICD 10 mandatory, there are still many health care institutions still using the previous revision of ICD. In fact, a good number of health care institutions refuse to use the new coding system because their staffs aren’t familiar with the new codes used in ICD 10. Obviously, health care institutions should conduct ICD 10 training for their employees to make them familiar with the new codes used in ICD 10.

The Global Transition from ICD 9 to ICD 10 Affects Medical Coding and Billing Firms

The introduction of ICD 10 has created more headaches for medical billing and coding companies because the HIPAA regulations have clearly mentioned that non-compliance of ICD-10 would invalidate the records of health care institutions, insurance firms and medical billing companies. In short, for the governmental approval or for getting any governmental benefits sanctioned, health care related organizations are obliged to comply with the new sets of codes.

Like in the case of any new sets of rules or regulations, the compliance of ICD 10 will cause initial troubles. However, it can eventually be a merit for your health care organization. So, obviously, there is nothing wrong in investing some time and money in ICD 10 training.

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